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Thus, a repeat of the previous year where the Russia investigation kept everything on lockdown.

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One thing worth noting about this Pluto Sun conjunction is that Uranus was direct and coming back towards Taurus. It had been in Taurus for a short while before swinging back into Aries for a short stint. When it was in Aries, it fell back into that square with Pluto just like we saw in the previous year. The only real difference was that Pallas moved away to trigger rioting throughout Europe with the Yellow Vest movement. Now we look ahead to January What do we see? Well, once again, we see the Sun stack up against Pluto.

That detective work that Pluto stirs up is going to be working its magic on the Leadership once again.

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Secrets are going to WANT to come out but there is a stronger tie to Saturn that will want to bring restrictions to that information release. I would expect that the energy of restriction will even be more aggressive at this time. Jupiter is just outside a conjunction orb, but it is within the sign.

Also, Venus is 30 degrees away. Expect a clash of egos on the world stage! Now, unlike last year and the previous one, this next January has a retrograde Uranus leading up to it. At the conjunction in January, Uranus will be standing still to turn direct. So, think back to the last retrograde run and how it made everyone feel. People where pissed off.

This time we have Ceres in the major conjunction along with Vesta and Juno square and the Moon quincunx.

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Ceres is associated with the energy to nurture. When angry, it is the mother scorned. It is that unbearable loss, grief, deprivation and hunger. It naturally brings things together so that the energy can be worked through. When not well aspected, this energy can represent spousal abuse, rage, betrayal, bitterness and it is linked to real-life functioning relationships.

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Vesta is generally thought of as bringing out the purest potential of a situation, but when square like this it brings up family issues, self-abuse, insecurity and promiscuity. Thus, the bad aspects that are associated with all this political energy is feminine and family oriented. In the context of today, when you see main stream news headlines that would normally only be seen in fictional Hollywood movies, well, we know some bad stuff is about to come out.

It is highly likely that the human element of intimacy will be brought up in the context of politics for the world to see. At the same time, the information will be restricted and communication will be capped. This is going to bring out details. Virgo does the work. Mars stirs it into action. People are going to do the work to put things together. Evidence will mount.

Just in time for Brixit.

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Mars is still in Virgo, but everything else has transitioned to Libra. Expect the leadership in Europe to exhibit the negative Libra traits and lie in order to keep things in balance. No one is going to want to rock the boat. By Mid-October 22 nd below , Ceres and Jupiter come together. By the end of October, Venus and Mercury come into conjunction with Pallas, which is the feminine warrior of justice. As we saw last year, direct interactions with Pallas aligned to the riots that started in France and moved eastward. When this happens, Ceres is still conjunct Jupiter and Uranus is still retrograde.

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Her last day reading at Reflections is November 7th. Come see her before she leaves! As a spiritual intuitive and life coach Wendy has 25 years of experience behind her, and a wealth of practical experience prior to that. She has a well-rounded approach, having extensively studied and worked with all aspects of psychology and spirituality. Lately she has been adding scientific research to the mix. Her sessions vary according to need.

Examples are practical problem-solving, guidance regarding life purpose, coaching in personal growth, metaphysical education, and spiritual counsel. Accessing higher guidance is always involved and Tarot is often used as a tool. Visit her website www. Ross will be in on November 14th and 28th from 12pm — 5pm.

Ross is a gifted medium who has been formally trained for 10 years, studying Psychic Medium Development while living in Glasgow, Scotland for 5 years and then London, England for 8. Ross also offers card readings utilizing various oracle decks. Laura will be in on November 21st and December 5th from 11am — 5pm. Ross will be in on September 27th and October 25th from pm — pm. Laura will be in on October 11th and November 8th from pm — pm. The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. The year is very important because this year marks the beginning of a new era: the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.

This initiates a new cycle of 20 years. This conjunction will mainly affect the water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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This also applies for your ascendant or moon in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. Jupiter and Saturn are the great rulers of time. They determine the rhythm of culture and history.


These conjunctions happen every 20 years and they represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. In you enter into deep and fulfilling relationships.

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