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Thank you so much for hearing the calling and heeding! It is such a blessing to be graced with your Light, Divination and insight…was missing you and your gift. You are held Beloved. Thank you for taking your time to heal and BE, xx. Joan says:. I have been reading and checking in with this site for a few years now, I am finally activated enough in my throat chakra to express my appreciation. Love and appreciation. Blissful revelations for all creation!!

Cyndi says:. I was overjoyed to see you in my inbox. You will never fully know the joy and light you bring to all you touch with this space you keep for us. I am eternally grateful for the way this site has changed my life. Thank you Thank you. Sending an abundance of love and light to all who pass through here and to all the wonderful souls who contribute here.

Thank you for returning. Wow thank you Cyndi! Shiv Antar says:. Kay says:. I felt lost without you — your voice and words are the poetry that I feel in my soul Sending you so much love on your healing journey Deepest gratitude for the work that you do. I can not tell you how grateful and delightfully surprised I was to see this post. I wish there was a post today.

It is such a blessing to have you back today. You are truly a light. Thank you for your magic. Welcome back MM. Everything is perfect,thank you for service,you are very much appreciated as you can see. Many blessings coming your way. The break was as perfect as your return.

All is as it should be. I throw up my trust to the universe as I prepare to bring new life into this world. Jackie says:. Stacey says:. And I. That cocoon getting lots and lots done, but so isolated. The season is so welcome and seeing the return of MM just made my day. So many wonderful images of coming into the light. Thank you for your process and for all you share. Lots of LOVE! Sirena, Midlife Midwife says:. So grateful to have you back, Mysticmamma. You are needed in these times. Thank you for emerging with butterfly wings in this major cosmic turning point.

May we all rebirth! Sheri says:. I so deeply honored your decision to honor yourSELF. At the same time I was gleeful to find your note in my ebox today. It felt a little like a dream, as today feels like there is BIG energy swirling around my own life. Magic to be sure. If there is a way to help, let us know. We are community. Many blessings for continued healing and clarity. Your words contain so much light.

Best gift ever! I love that you took time out for you. Absolute respect for looking after you! Thank-you so very much for sharing your intuition and time. Deeply appreciated. Roxanna Kopp Smith says:. I cried tears of happiness and relief to receive a Mystic Mamma notification. I have missed you. I really was at a loss. Very comforting and wise and on track. I loved every word you wrote and resonated with so much of it.

I celebrate that you are making space inside for your wise one.

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Your queen. As I write this, I hear the owls outside echoing that sentiment. And all winter i have been deep in repair, in re-membering. And just tonight, as I drummed, i saw myself emerge from the cosmic egg, hatched into the Lioness of God that I am. Time to roar. Time to be the queen — without apology — yet with grace, wisdom and compassion. I look forward to the new iteration of this space that will sustain you. I support that. Many many blessings to you.

What a beautiful inciteful excerpt to this powerful transition. The accuracy and feeling! God bless you goddess queen. A warm and happy Welcome back — I have really missed your posts in your time away, however was also glad to see you take time to cocoon as needed. As the page was loading, I remembered seeing an Instagram post about you taking a hiatus and assumed there would be no post for this full moon…. You left your cocoon and came back today. And I think I left my cocoon today, too. Thank you for all you do. I have been a follower for years. So glad you emerged with the butterflies and flew back to this space anew awakened get us again with the flutter of your glorious wings to all that we may be each one and all together in this wonderful time of transformation.

Thank you Thank You Thank you! I went looking for you and your wisdom last night only to find you had left some time ago. Then today! Much love xx. How wonderful to welcome you back Mystic Mamma, I have missed you! Your words land so well this morning following the nights awareness of the full moon. Very very much love to you, to our beloved planet and to all. Jacqueline xxx. Pearl says:. Erica says:. Catharina says:. Thank you so much, it is wonderful to receive your letter again. Much love -and butterflies- to you. My heart skipped a beat… I am so happy to know you are back!!

Thank you for the insights again. I thank you for your strength in writing this through what sounds like a difficult time. I am sending you love. These messages come as confirmation to continue to continue the course with my current big decision that is happening at the moment. I got shivers through my body ready such wonderful inspiring words! Mu says:. May she watch over you and bring you peace.

Tess says:. Thank you a thousand times. Faith and trust, trust, trust. Our journey together took seventeen years. He is away from the agitation and dramas now. During the past months I have been blessed, like yourself, with wonderful family and friends. Light and love to all, Jean. I had not been able to replace Mysstic Mamma as I have never experienced any other astrology commentary that is so phrophetic and genuine.

Mileydy says:. My heart was so full when I saw this post this morning! Thank-you for sharing your personal experience of transformation with the community. This post is wonderful, it has made me realize how connected people can truly be and how much I missed these post in the last few months. Thank-you for being You. San says:. Yesterday I saw your newsletter in my inbox as I was working my way in a new job… and I felt a beautiful spark and smiled. Marta T. Neira says:. Thank you for coming out of this time of death and rebirth and bring us your wisdom and light. Your shared wisdom , your art something that I appreciate and wanted to thank you for.

I always share your messages and missed it when you stepped into your necessary time to cocoon. Happy to read your words again. Many blessings to you on this renewed journey. I have missed you so much on email as I value your guidance. With love and blessings. Patricia xx. Allyson says:. You are loved and appreciated beyond all words. We love you! What a wonderful surprise to see your name in my inbox this morning!

Much love to all of you. Ingrid says:. So appreciative and happy to know that you are in a place spiritually where you can continue this work. It helps uplift me and remind me of Who We Really Are. The collective energy feels strong and supple and your voice is a great beacon for many of us. Blessings and love.

Dear sista- i am so happy that you are back. I was in a crazy process too- i really understood your time-out. But wooohaa- what a timing! Thanks to be back with your amazing work, which brings so much resonance and light to all of us- it helps to feel one again! Deep Bow and warm hug to you from India, Simona. Jules Ostara says:. What a wonderful surprise to see the message in my inbox from you. May your painted lady wings open with ease, grace, and joy.

I missed you. Love, Jules. And to Pachamama! I was not aware that you have been absent, deep in your caterpillar space. As you emerge know that those of us who appreciate your wisdom are jumping for joy. Jennifer Rasinski says:. Loved receiving this! May we all have the courage, strength and unconditional love for self to stand fully in our new beautiful and aligned ways of being.

Peace Love and Blessings to you and all. Monica says:. Thank you for being there and sharing your gifts!!! What a beautiful Spring blessing that you are back to share your art, wisdom and love. I am so greatful!! Thank you for your authentic self. Cocoon into stretching out wings spreading ever so gently with grace and ease. A reflection of all our processes, death brings Life in our allowing. So much love, Mary Mulkey Grimes. I just happened to look at your website yesterday, because I missed you….

I am so grateful!! Blessings and hugs to you. Thank you so much for coming back to us. I was just wishing as much two days ago before the Libra full moon.

You give so much insight. Super inspiring post. Thank you sharing. Tonight, I join with some lovely ladies for a Super Moon sound healing with crystal bowls and gong!! Peace to you in your transformation. Thank you so much for posting this, and sooo lovely to hear the butterflies called you back here at least for now!

I am so happy with your posts and guidance that they give me. Thank you again and welcome to spring :. Thank you so much deep out of my Heart, that you are sharing your insightes with us again — god bless you, MM! Thank you thank you for sharing your beautiful insights once again! I literally squealed and danced with delight when my sister said you had a new post!!!

Congratulations on shamanic rebirth time! Your site and words inspire many, you have been missed x. Atala Mayer says:. Thank you for coming back! Love amd blessings always Atala Mexico Ps. Are you interested in making your material available in spanish would be honoured to contribute. Much gratitude and love to you and those who contribute to this work. You have no idea how when I saw the name in my email how excited I got.

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I was just thinking yesterday how I missed your beautiful insights so dearly. ReadING this brought tears to my eyes, you are truly amazing and I thank you with the whole of my heart for your vulnerability and all the wisdom you share. When I first read that you were taking time away from this site, I understood, feeling a deep resonance with the call to go inward. I was also sad, not knowing if you or I would ever come back. The wild flowers and butterflies are the first signs that life is stirring again, rising up, and the hearts and minds most sensitive to reflecting the pull of the stars and destiny hear the call.

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Thank you for sending that call. Thank you for taking care of your heart and your wellness of being. Your voice is clear and rings true with an authenticity that is undeniable. The earth hears you, the animals hear you, Spirit hears you. I hear you and I am so grateful. You are back M. I am so grateful and delighted!!

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Your wisdom, love and guidance is a tremendous gift to us ALL!!! And the full moon messages are so right on for me. Many thanks. What a beautiful testament! I also walked down the long and lonely road of death 8 years ago, pulling me into her dark cocoon. I too transitioned into the beautiful butterfly I am today after a time of deep soul searching.

Death was by far my greatest teacher and I am ever so grateful to her. I became the most connected with myself that I had in my entire life and now can be the soul I cane here to be. Blessings to you on your journey. Mary Copestick says:. Melissa says:. I have missed you so much and, yet, completely honor the need for you to go inward and reflect on what must be surrendered and transformation that had to happen for you to continue to being wholly you.

We support you and support whatever new form you take. I am thankful for all that you give! So grateful to hear from you. My arms are around you-supporting you as you make your way! You are truly my inspiration! Love and Light to you and everyone on this thread. Good health and higher consciousness to all. Such a beautiful entry. So many of us needed it, and so many of us feel the same. Thank you so much for naming what is inside of us. Happy to see you back. Much love.

Ashley says:. Dana Croy says:. Fiery K. Tracey says:. And grateful you have taken the time to replenish and nourish yourself. I took in every word on this post, it all hit deep. Just the direction and validation I needed. Blessed Spring to you MM! Please know that I have read and appreciate each one of them and will try to respond as I get some more time, I am a mamma of 2 with a toddler so I have my hands full!

I am so grateful and humbled and in awe of this incredible community! So much love! Came across your site during a transitional period in my life. This is a source of inspiration, direction and comfort. Lucinda Barrett says:. You are back!! I would periodically check back to see if by some miracle you were there. Your words heal. I feel as if I am a Phoenix rising this year, having undergone deaths in many forms the past few years, as well — your writings have inspired me through this process, so please know we are upholding you in love in light, as well. Caoimhe Moore says:.

And all the love to you… we all need some downtime in life, enjoy your own process, and thank you for helping me through some extremely turbulent but powerful times! I saw your a post on Instagram and thought it was a mistake, but no! Of course you returned, or rather transformed out of your cocoon… as you rightly observed so many of us are these past few days.

Welcome and I am over the fullest moon to read your words again! As are so many, you are so loved! I am so overjoyed to see you return to the stratosphere, sharing in the special way that only you can. We all need your messages so much. Much Love, Lydia. Dear MM Iam so glad and thankful that you have started writing again. Thank you for all your loving creating and sharing. Love Wilma. Hello MM and everyone here. Just read this nearly a month later. Deeply profound and resonant of who where and how I am. Magical, supportive, enlightening. I feel blessed. Click here to cancel reply.

All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. Death is a powerful teacher that awakens us to Life. They are both the yin-yangs of the cosmic cycle of regeneration, reminding us that after the darkness the light returns, after Winter comes Spring. In the Northern hemisphere where I live, this is where we find ourselves, and nature has been speaking strongly and vibrantly. Burned hills have given way to colorful mountains ranges of green and wildflowers.

Billions of butterflies, Painted Ladies, have been spreading their wings migrating North. I was sitting outside on the mountaintop where I live, and suddenly found myself in the middle of a super highway of butterflies as hundreds flew past me. I received the message that it was time to emerge out of my cocoon. For me, and I know for many of us, these past few months have not been easy. I have sat with Truth as she held my hand and wiped my tears.

No longer trying to hold up the ceiling o r patch the crumbling walls, t he ground literally moving beneath, r earranging my foundation, s hifting my allegiance, t o the One inside, t he queen, t he wise one, w ho is ready to come down i nto this body. It takes great courage to be vulnerable and true to that Self within. We are who we are, and u ltimately we have to be true to our ourselves.

Back to our True North, w e return. A new period is finally upon us, a nd as I begin to rebuild my own life o n a new foundation, k now that my heart is pinned o n returning to rebuild this space in a new more sustainable form so I can continue to share w ith all of my heart in a ll the creative ways that I can. When you find yourself on the other side of this transition time about two years from now at Equinox — what do you want your life to feel like, what do you want to be doing, and who with?

Chiron is a wild, unconforming maverick walking his own way in the world responsive to his instincts, connected to nature, sensitive and wise. You get to express your Higher Self in your own way on your own terms, so be gentle as you move into a new stabilized form of self-expression. If you find yourself involved with people who are overly aggressive or assertive, or who you feel are providing resistance to your process, claim your power to move beyond their control. This is a potent portal through which to visualize our fractured world made whole again.

See us all gathered. Sense our full willingness—around the globe—to write the great new story of our rebirthing. She loves us back. We belong to Her. We all belong. Suzanne says: Mar 20, Reply. Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you so much. Seeing you much love. Jess says: Mar 20, Reply. Bianca mi says: Mar 20, Reply. Brighitta says: Mar 20, Reply.

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Thank you Brighitta! Romy says: Mar 20, Reply. Leaving me speechless —. Mai says: Mar 20, Reply. Antje says: Mar 20, Reply. G says: Mar 20, Reply. Nicolas says: Mar 20, Reply. So much love to you and your wisdom. Big Mama Aloha says: Mar 21, Reply. Danika says: Mar 21, Reply. Ann Marie says: Mar 21, Reply. Peggy says: Mar 21, Reply. So thrilled you are back with sharing this splendid information and assistance. Bless you!!! Claire says: Mar 21, Reply. Betsy says: Mar 21, Reply. So much love for you, thank you. Arriel says: Mar 21, Reply. Megan says: Mar 21, Reply. Rebecca says: Mar 21, Reply.

Power post — much love to you. Donna says: Mar 21, Reply. Sarah says: Mar 21, Reply. It is so nice to see you are back again. Loretta says: Mar 21, Reply. Marin says: Mar 21, Reply. Antoinette Levine says: Mar 21, Reply. Susan says: Mar 21, Reply. Marcia says: Mar 21, Reply. Expect revelations, meditations and a whole lot of laughter as they collectively channel their inner Oprahs and turn the tables to interview one another. Later, Dr. Meditation in a bar? In this heart-expanding conversation, LaRayia illuminates and inspires discussing her mission to end homelessness one meal at a time.

The gals discuss coming into your calling later in life, listening to the universe, social media hacks, and of course some culinary insight for the upcoming holiday! Please see links below for where to donate to the LA Fire Department and families in need. Post election vibes surely call for an Astro forecast! Thus, the ladies welcome back Ambi Kavanaugh, of Alchemy with Ambi, to shine light on the current cosmic climate.

Namaste Enchanted! In celebration of this creation, the women have a thought provoking and illuminating conversation regarding packaging, waste, composition and ideologies within the makeup industry and consumer behavior as a whole. It's beauty week! Steph and Elizabeth jump in for a rose filled bouquet of reccs offering up their personal beauty related favorites of the season. Steph and Elizabeth sit down with personal trainer and P. Volve founder, Stephen Pasterino, to talk about the workout he specifically created to optimize the muscle response of the female body.

Coupled with this convo are some rosy workout recs for the LA homie and everyone call in sick because seeing A Star Is Born and crying to the soundtrack is the unanimous rose of the moment. Joining them on stage is listener fave and coach, Alexandra Roxo, who chats channeling the Divine feminine in congruence with welcoming in the Fall Equinox.

Plus a comedy opening by Jamar Neighbors. The day is finally here! Elizabeth and Steph are manifesting generators! He illuminates the space with Fall fashion recs, while sharing his thoughts on career, mindfulness and self care. Ep Drunk Astrology guest: Aliza Kelly. Astrologer and author, Aliza Kelly, drops into the TSR stratosphere providing a post-retrograde cosmic update for the autumn months. Then, Aliza gets us drunk on knowledge as she breaks down the crucial aspects of drinking for your astro sign from her new book the Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktails and Recipes For Every Sign.

This episode is brought to you by: Thrivemarket. Ep Ketotarianism guest: Dr. Will Cole. Functional medicine rockstar and TSR favorite, Dr. Will Cole, re-visits the show to discuss his plant based keto concept and launch of his new book, Ketotarian. Later, Elizabeth and Stephanie answer listener questions and highlight some recent rosy happenings by way of adventures in crafting and bouncy manifestations turned realities. This episode is brought to you by: takecareof.

Stephanie and Elizabeth welcome friends, Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard, of the podcast, Dumb Gay Politics, to discuss wtf is going on with our democracy these days. Later, musician Kassia Conway joins the show to discuss her new single and the mindful movement behind it. Keeping in theme, this episode is complete with rosey recs of a political nature and who to bop to as the Summer nears its end. Plus listener questions answered!

This episode is brought to you by: Skinnydipped. Mercury Retrograde has reached its finale for the season; Stephanie and Elizabeth rejoice with an inspiring convo featuring 'Who What Wear' co-founder and 'Second Life' podcast host, Hillary Kerr. Talking career paths, pivots and more! This episode is brought to you by: Phlur.

An inspiring and practical tale for anyone looking to take the road or the door less traveled. The ladies also muse on remedies for the summer flu, how to identify when your makeup expires, and shout outs to upcoming live shows and podcast appearances. Four Sigmatic. Head over to foursigmatic. Ep Live! Check out their entire line of Avocado cooking oils, marinades and salad dressings at chosenfoods. Also, Elizabeth and Steph answer listener questions, discuss the cosmos obv and muse on their current live tour.

Just go to rainbowoptx. Grove Collaborative. Take Care Of Vitamins takecareof. Comedian, Casey Balsham,kicks off the evening, bringing some top of show laughs. Chosen Foods. With their personal spaces newly transformed, they welcome goddess and Feng Shui facilitator, Meghan Wallace James to muse on her modern Feng Shui perspective. Questions on mirror placement, cacti, and maximizing your space galore! Listener questions and Rosey shout outs complete this transformational conversation.

Happy Shui Day ya'll! Rothy's: Get free shipping on your order by heading to Rothys. Just go to Skylar. For more information on the microbiome and Seed, check out Seed. Fresh from a little summer vacay, the ladies get better acquainted with a new friend, CBD. Also, is ROSES all day as Elizabeth and Steph muse on new, possibly questionable modes of transportation, the antiquated use of plastic straws and dating life stuff. Head over to www. Want hacks? We got you! And exciting news, Vitruvi, made its way into the aisles of Sephora this summer, making it the first essential oil company to hit the mainstream market.

Speaking of those blessed aisles, Roses and Thorns comes in with the essentials as the ladies share their fave Rosey picks for summer beauty rituals! Enter to win a Vitruvi gift set for you and your bestie- leave us a review on iTunes and let us know in the comment sections of the soretrograde instagram your favorite summer beauty hack. With a long standing interest in the ceremonial art of circling, Elizabeth and Stephanie, welcome mama goddess, circle facilitator, actress and founder of "The Art Of Circling", Andrea Bendewald, to the show!

Later, in honor of another mindfulness practice, television watching - the ladies share their rosey must watch picks for Summer, perfect for you circle up to the TV and enjoy a seasonal bingesesh. Ah ho! Food and nutrition journalist and author of Genius Foods, Max Lugavere drops into the studio with a bevy of knowledge of how food affects our brains.

He myth busts common food misnomers and uses a lot of big scientific words! The ladies welcome podcaster, journaler and Internet friend, Kate Dalebout; of Let it Out to the show to talk all things journaling. Annnnd Bonus, Bonus!! Four Sigmatic: Head over to foursigmatic. In this episode, Stephanie and Elizabeth become one with cosmos and commune with spirit mama, astro goddess extrordinaire, Shannon Aganza aka Moon Gathering. This episode is brought to you by: Rothys. Elizabeth and Stephanie sit down with holistic health coach, Vanessa Fitzgerald, who has been publically documenting her adderall detox in real time.

Inspired by her honesty, the ladies converse about their personal experiences with the drug, in this candid and cathartic discussion. Roses and thorns has Stephanie awakening as a woman through a rosey book rec and Elizabeth is casting spells by way of Feng Shui. This episode is brought to you by: Banish. In the wild and crazy world of self care, Stephanie and Elizabeth have yet to tackle the enthralling topic of Nail Care To lead them on this educational journey they have called in nail aficionado and boss, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of LA nail mecca, Olive and June. Sarah guides us all on our journey towards embodying our best nail lifestyle.

Fresh into a new and intense Astro transit, the girls provide deep intel on their fave cosmic resources around the web, and offer up a Rosey roundup of product reccs for the season. KH dissects her forward thinking take on sustainable fashion and how it has manifested in her current project, WONE. This episode is brought to you by: Thrive Market, visit: Thrivemarket. It's a new month as Stephanie and Elizabeth welcome in the new - a new home for the podcast, a reveal of new Week in Wellness jingle and a new friend as they are joined by entrepreneur and personal development coach, Bizzie Gold.

Ep Gender Chill guest: Jacob Tobia. A writer, producer, author, activist and leader in the contemporary conversation on gender, they join the show to illuminate us on the rainbow that is gender identity. This episode is brought to you by: Miss Grass, Missgrass. Elizabeth and Stephanie keep it on brand with a Retrograde-centric live show in the midst of Mercury Retrograde!

Ep Manifest Guestiny guest: Lacy Phillips. We are also giving away one of her online courses! Also, Stephanie and Elizabeth re-cap a recent manifestation turned reality, their live show at Wanderlust Hollywood.

Ep Sweat-rograde guest: Sophie Chiche. Guest Sophie Chiche of Shapehouse joins TSR for a sit down, answering burning questions about the benefits of infrared therapy, pro tips on how to make the most out of your sweat, and her own personal transformative wellness journey. This episode is brought to you by: ModCloth modcloth. It's the first Mercury Retrograde of , a time where communication traditionally goes awry.

Mindfulness when it comes to sex and sexuality is discussed and spoiler alert Communication is key! Communication as lubrication and more candid truths are dropped. Happy Retrograde Ya'll!

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Ep Fun Medical Stuff guest: Dr. Steph and Elizabeth welcome functional medicine doctor, Dr. Will Cole, to find out the who, what, and why of functional medicine. The ladies also rose and thorn on all things spring cleaning and new beauty product discoveries including coconut lube as deodorant. The more you know Business coach, Stephanie Staidle The Right Brained Entrepreneur , joins Elizabeth and Stephanie for a conversation on harnessing the often neglected right brain when it comes to creating the career of your dreams.

For those of you who ever wanted to get tipsy with the ladies of TSR, this one is for you.